Tanboer is a firm believer in what goes around comes around. As a reliable down jacket manufacturer and brand with high social responsibility awareness, we spare no efforts to protect the mutual balance between the environment resilience, community development, people's well-being, and our business's success. Working to the detriment of any of the above will benefit no one but will certainly hurt the entirety. With this in mind, Tanboer will always adhere to the long-term view and the bigger picture of sustainable development.


Rigorous Management Insights

Responsible Brand Strategy

It takes a lot to be a really reliable brand​ of social accountability. Even so, we never back down or forget our original intention to be a sustainable and responsible down clothing brand of pride.

To down jacket dealers, distributors, or brand owners, we keep our eco-friendly, high value-added, and responsible brand strategy and commitment to them.

We vigorously study high-tech design and all the details that are important for high quality, and we make every effort to minimize waste and have efficient waste treatment. This allows us to continuously improve our productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Professional Supply Chain Control

Tanboer is a highly reputable, large-scale down jacket manufacturer in north China, which is famous for its exceptional quality​ thanks to the wise, strict, consistent, and effective supply chain management.

We have the faith and ability to keep every link in the supply chain implementing the same high standards as our headquarters. We have on-site employees with each of our vendors to ensure that we all work on the same level and function as a whole for a smooth and sustainable business.


Precise Production Approaches

Reliable Material Selection

Quality raw materials of goose down, duck down, fabrics, and accessories, are the initial insurance of a qualified down puffer coat. Besides, the responsible way of getting reliable materials is also significant.

At Tanboer, we assure our business partners and their end consumers that our down​ is strictly RDS certified. None of our down comes from the bird animals that have been subjected to any cruelty, live-plucking or molt-harvesting.

Apart from that, we are highly committed to the responsible material disposal like the recycling use of down residue as organic fertilizer.

Lean Manufacturing Process

In our state-of-the-art down jacket manufacturing center, we are implementing the most efficient production processes with minimal waste of time, materials and costs. As a result, our productivity and efficiency remain at the top of the market.

Moreover, we are always aware of our responsibility as a factory​ and brand to minimize our carbon footprint to the soil, water, or atmosphere during production. Here our people will collect, classify and dispose of waste uniformly. A clean and tidy environment will definitely enhance production's conciseness.


Foresighted Operation Practice

Planned Facilities Construction

We are a garden-style factory of 350,000 square meters. In our down clothing manufacturing park, there are a great number of facilities in our office, production, warehousing, dining, and residential zones.

There will inevitably be all kinds of waste in a large area like this. However, we always have any type of garbage 100% properly and systematically disposed of with no negative impact on our surroundings.

And we still have a big area waiting for the construction of new facilities. During the period of construction, we will pay close attention to proper noise handling, safe construction, and sustainable development.

Comprehensive Employee Care

Employees are one of the most important elements in our sustainability strategy. Their progress and innovation will lead our brand to a higher level. What's more, they are not only our labor force but also family members and a part of our brand.

Hence, at Tanboer, we take emphasis on providing a reliable platform to maximize our employees' potentials and engaging them to better themselves for even greater success. Together, in a diversified and inclusive environment, our people will share the same values and drive the sustainable development of the company hand in hand.


Positive Public Influence

Beneficial Devotion to Community

With our effective, on-time treatment of waste, and with 0 complaints from our local communities, we are trying to be helpful and useful to our neighbors.

As mentioned earlier, we are a large down jacket factory covering a tremendous square footage. In and out of our area, we've been planting trees, flowers, and crops each year for the ecological balance and the better living experience of the communities that we are connected with, which is one of the things we are most proud of in doing successful business.

Socially Recognized Contributions

We dare not say that we are the best, but we are doing our best possible selves. Apart from making the most suitable and cost-effective down jackets, we always actively participate in the development activities of local communities.

As a result, Tanboer's positive social influence has been highly recognized by the local government and society. In China, we've been honored with several awards, including “Well-known Trademark”, "Inspection-free Products", "Advanced Worker of Quality Management.” In addition, there is even a "Harmony" EMU train named after Tanboer.

Unconditional Global Donation

It is our conviction that as much as social development helps enterprises and individuals, it also benefits from the progress they propel. At Tanboer, we believe that social contributions may not have a great effect in the short term, but in the long run they will push us further, both spiritually and practically, and in a sustainable way.

As a successful down clothing enterprise and brand, we have been aware of our social responsibilities since the very beginning of our business journey. Along with down jacket manufacturing, the social welfare aspect is also our lifetime business commitment that echoes our brand theme of ultimate care and warmth.

Witness Our Positive Impact through the Years

  • Down-Jacket-Clothing-Donation-to-African-Schools

    Clothing Donation to African Schools

    Tanboer has continued to support the poor kids in Africa by sending down garments and more supplies to their schools in remote areas.

  • African-Primary-School-Construction

    African Primary School Construction

    Tanboer regularly donates for school building and education. Those kids can finally feel the happiness of learning and playing together.

  • Cash-Donation-after-Sichuan-Earthquake

    Cash Donation after Sichuan Earthquake

    Tanboer donated 300,000 RMB cash and more materials to the earthquake-stricken areas of Sichuan to help them rebuild their homes and living.

  • Down-Jacket-Donation-after-Earthquake

    Down Jacket Donation after Earthquake

    An in-time donation of 3400 pieces of down jackets worth more than 101.6 million RMB to Yushu Earthquake Zone in Qinghai Province, China.

  • Retirement-Home-Down-Jacket-Donation

    Retirement Home Down Jacket Donation

    We donated sufficient down coats to the Qingzhou Charity Association for the elderly people in nursing homes with Tanboer people’s care and warmth.

  • School-Visit-and-Down-Coat-Donation

    School Visit and Down Coat Donation

    Our management went to a boarding school of Tibet, to donate a number of down jackets. With such, Tanboer had received the mayor’s appreciation.

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