RDS-certified Down

You have our sincere commitment that Tanboer is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified. All of the down feathers applied in our down jackets are from reliable RDS-compliant sources. RDS guarantees that the waterfowl like ducks and geese are subjected to a humane treatment that is cruelty-free, with no live plucking or force-feeding. Such a guarantee will instill more trust in your customers and will make them prefer your products, which will ultimately enhance your brand image.

The Leading Origin of Down

Our down is from China. It's understandable how some peers say about "Made-in-China" quality. As a leading down jacket manufacturer of high industry responsibility, it's our duty to clarify any misunderstanding and make our positive lead to our partners in future. The down that we're using is certainly the leading down in the world.

Which animals do our down feathers come from?

The main factors determining the down quality are the length of the raising cycle of waterfowl, the quality of the environment they grow in, and the maturity of geese and ducks. The longer the raising cycle of waterfowl and the better their growing environment, the more mature geese and ducks become, the bigger the down size gets, and the stronger the fill power will be. And the geese and ducks that are raised near water provide the down feather that has fine color and high level of cleanliness. What's more, geese and ducks growing in cold areas will also grow large and dense down.

Why China is an ideal origin of down?

China is a vast territory rich in water resources, providing advantaged feeding conditions for goose and duck. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, China's duck farming accounts for 74.2% of the globe, while goose farming accounts for 93.2%, which is saying our down resources are extremely rich. As the world's largest down producer, China occupies 70-80% of the global down industry market share. There is no doubt that China holds the world’s leading position in terms of down processing capacities and technology. Lastly but most significantly, the price is so much sweeter here, which makes our products more cost-effective!

How does our down compare to others?

There was an experiment in 2017 which involved down feathers coming from China, France, Hungary and Poland, and the results showed that the fill power of China's down sample is around 650 In³/Oz, while 600 In³/Oz is the data of the Poland’s down sample, which represents the best result among all European down sources.

Tanboer's Quality Standard of Down

It takes a high standard to stay at the top as a brand​.

  • No Unpleasant Smell

    In most cases, there will be some smell of down present as ducks are carnivores. However, here at Tanboer, our down sources will undergo severe inspection to ensure that down is free of smell regardless of whether it is goose down or duck down.

  • High Purity and Cleanliness

    Our down content standard is 20% higher, on average, than the industry standard, and we promise at least 900 fill. Our strict quality control​ system ensures the extreme purity and fineness of our fill content with less than 10% of feathers stalks or powders.

  • Strong Fill Power

    Fill power means the volume of down per unit weight. Generally down fluffiness is divided into 550, 600, 700, 800 and 900 In³/Oz to fit in diverse conditions from regular to extreme cold. At Tanboer, we have the ability to cover them all upon requirement.

Down Alternatives on Your Demand

As an authentic down clothing expert, we can surely anticipate your design needs and custom requirements in advance. To meet specific demands, we provide options of white goose down (WGD), grey goose down (GGD), white duck down (WDD), and grey duck down (GDD) normally.

So, are there any differences among them? It is believed that goose down fibers are thinner, softer and longer, and this means they have a comparably better fill power because of the higher amount of air locked in, but this comes at a price. As for the duck down, fibers are shorter, but there is enough fill power to meet market needs with better cost efficiency. Both types of down are excellent choices to suit different designs, it’s just that each type is more fitting for specific goals. Grey and black down suits dark-color fabrics well, while white down fits fabrics with lighter colors better.

The New Reliable Down Jacket Definition

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