3 Frontline R&D Centers

Tanboer has industry-leading, large-scale research and development centers respectively located in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingzhou, China. Each of them has its own research focus.

Shanghai's center focuses on the style design and the development of the core clothing series, while Beijing and Qingzhou's centers devote their attention to the advanced performance of the down apparel for diversified activities.

Peculiar Advantages

  • Single Focus

    The development and manufacturing of down garments is our sole focus. Instead of all kinds of seasonal clothing, the concentration on down jackets is leading us to a higher professional level.

  • Synchronous Progress

    R&D is the strategic commitment of Tanboer. We attach great importance to it and maintain the highest standards for any inputs including state-of-the-art equipment, best talents, and resources.

  • Stable Team

    Stable staff and low turnover rate indicate the strong cohesion and cultural heritage of a company. Tanboer is exactly that kind of an encouraging enterprise that appreciates its employees and retains talents.

Forward-looking Planning of Fabrics and Accessories

Fabrics and accessories are vital in our down jacket manufacturing. Nowadays, we implement the fabric-oriented strategy in which the fabric comes first, followed by the down clothing design. At Tanboer, there is a special marketing department that focuses on materials. This department has specialized researchers who keep close and exclusive cooperation with the leading material suppliers. With our comprehensive planning and market resources, we assure you the first access to advanced materials with special functions.

Highly Functional Down Clothing Fabrics

  • • Graphene fabric, aesthetic, good thermal storage with heat raised by 2-3°C.
  • • Thermal storage silver lining, with silver powder to store higher temperature.
  • • Zein fiber, comfortable, skin-friendly, breathable, durable, and non-toxic.
  • • Toray coated fabric, with high-function permeable and breathable coating.
  • • 3M triple proof coated fabric, highly resistant to water, dust, and down proof.
  • • More exclusive new fabrics to be added.

Highly Functional Down Clothing Fabrics

Best-in-Class Garment Accessories

  • • 3M reflective strip, beautiful and vivid for chic designs.
  • • YKK, SBS, SAB zipper, smooth and stable for longtime use.
  • • Mercerized sewing thread, glossy, strong tensile strength, water resistance.
  • • SAB button, excellent fastness, durable for heavy duty.
  • • Paiho sticking tape, no yarn loose, strong stickiness, 10,000+ usage.
  • • More leading accessories available by request.

Best-in-Class Garment Accessories

Advanced Performance Development

Our R&D team has been dedicated to maximizing the fabric functions and apparel structure optimization with the aim of improving the down garment performance to meet the need for everyday outdoor use. With this internal technical development, we can accordingly determine our craftsmanship standards​ for production. Additionally, both in-house and third-party function testing will be carried out for double guarantee.

Down Fill Weight

Our filling weight is accurate to two decimal places, which means there is 5% more down considering the moisture absorption of the down fiber.

Down Content

The normal down content in the market ranges from 600 fill to 950 fill, while 900 fill is our regular standard. More options are available on request.

Fill Power

The essential indicator to evaluate the heat preservation and cold resistance of a down jacket. Our fill power is 800+ In³/Oz or highest up to 900.

Water Resistance

The primary function of outdoor clothing. We can meet different demands from 5000 mm to 10000 mm of level 3-4, highest up to level 5.

Wind Resistance

A wind-resistant down jacket prevents heat loss from air convection. At a wind speed of 30 miles per hour, our fabric is penetrated by 1 cfm of air.


Another important index of down jackets. Our breathability can be as high as 5000 g/m²/24hrs. Strong breathability gets air moisture out.


The anti-static property is needed for security, especially in special industries like the oil refining, petrochemical, and electricity generation industry.


After special production technology treatment, the finishing coating can effectively prevent the spread of flame and get the fire extinguished easily.

Color Fastness

Our color fastness to light, UV, acid and alkali can reach level 4. It means that the color will be stable for a long time even under severe conditions.

Pioneering Design Progress

Down clothing design is a trendy business. We have built up a professional designing team composed of 9 talented designers, every one of whom is highly conscious of the market trends, just like a weather vane.

In the field of the down garment design development​, we are committed to keep pace with the times and stay relevant, so as to ensure our sustainable success. To reach this goal, our team will conduct relevant research all around the globe and integrate the market demand data so that we can optimize our independent design and create hot-selling styles.

The New Reliable Down Jacket Definition

Committed to the ultimate details, the astonishing blend of chic and functional elements, and affordable fashion solutions.

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