A Tangible and Bold Explorer of Down Jackets

In the down jacket manufacturing and branding business, we are an explorer heading for the peak.


We're taking practical acts to reach our business goals, and we’re providing advantageous offers to improve people's well-being—all reflecting our authenticity and tangibility.


It takes boldness to be honest. We always have the bravery to speak out our ideas and be true to our partners and members. Courage and honesty will eventually get us out of the box.


With tangible actions and bold minds, all of our team players are bound to be the explorers of better design, more exquisite craftsmanship, and more advanced technology of down coats.

Brand Slogan

"Down to the Heart, It Bursts with Ultimate Care and Warmth."

Down feather is the thing closest to the tip of the bird's heart. It brings intimate warmth to birds like a hug on their chests, bringing them the most tangible care and tenderness ever.

Tanboer, defined as the TANGIBLE and BOLD EXPLORER with a true craftsmanship spirit, is a responsible down jacket manufacturer and brand that dares to dream and practice our values ethically. With the dedication to maintaining the original warmth of down, the flawless details of the finished product, and the highest quality at an affordable price, we are bringing our partners and their end users the best benefits with ultimate care like the down material.

Brand Strategy

The Mid-End Luxury with Friendly Costs

Tanboer is targeting the mid-end down clothing market, the moderate market that not only avoids the pitfalls of high costs in high-end fashion but also fulfills the mass demand for high quality. Below you will find our four essential down jacket series of modest luxury.


The Low-Key Gorgeous Style

Our city basic down jacket collection has perfectly fused urban elements and traditional aesthetics together. Such a classic series can keep its popularity for 1-2 years.

  • • Fur collar and embroidery embellishment for upstarts.
  • • The three-dimensional tailoring for a slim fit.
  • • The rock parka style for trendy pioneers.

Urban Basic Series


The Diversified Modern Style

The personalized, varied, and relaxed collection of daily fashion, easily getting paired with many individual items in various styles of pure simplicity and naturality.

  • • Innovative fabric applications, including the collision of glossy, colorful, plaid, uniquely textured, fur-like, woolen, and woven fabric.
  • • Different style options of cocoon, hoodie, detachable, two-piece, laced, and more.

Urban Casual Series


The Light and Free Style

With our R&D having done a deep dive on the “light” design technology, we’ve created superior down coats that are lightweight, comfortable, packable, and warm.

  • • Amazing ultra-thin 20D Nylon, high-density soft woven fabric, as thin as the 1/10 of the human hair thickness.
  • • High performance with 900 filled pure goose/duck down, and 600+ or highest up to 800-900 In³/Oz fill power.
  • • Flexible winter wear in all conditions with no burden.

Lightweight Series


The Sporty and Functional Style

The ultimate outdoor down coats for full-day protection of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

  • • Lightweight yet with water resistance and breathability. Compact structure to maximize the motion range.
  • • Professional resistance to wind and water, the breathability of 5000 g/㎡/24hrs, water-resistance of 5000 mm.
  • • The 3-in-1 design of the functional outer coat + liner down jacket + combined wearing.

Outdoor Sports Series

Brand Strength

Full-Scope Advanced Design and Fine Craft


With highly professional research and development centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Qinghai, plus our specialized experts, we have the most sophisticated technologies accessible to support a powerful brand.


a tape ruler hanging on a clohting model

Our design philosophy has always been based on the needs of different groups, it follows no fixed forms, it’s scientific and flexible, stylish and practical. We have excellent design capabilities to implement the brand promotion strategy.


a craftswoman making down clothing paper mold

The meticulous and delicate crafting spirit guides us in our work on the down coat manufacturing details. One simple stitch can reflect the quality and character of our brand —and this is not something we compromise on.


an inspector checking the washing label of a down jacket

Quality is our brand orientation, the essence, and the principle that no one at Tanboer will ever overlook. With the aim of ensuring high quality, we have established internal standards that are 30% higher than the average criteria.


Brand Resposibility

Care & Warmth with No Boundaries

For years, apart from building up our brand image and value, we are also putting series emphasis on the public welfare business all around the world.

As a socially responsible down clothing brand with sustainable insights, we've clearly positioned us as a truthful down coat company bringing tangible love and warmth to people by producing reliable products and providing practical help with no national, regional, or racial boundaries.

For more about our CSR approaches and social welfare deeds, please explore our sustainability page.

The New Reliable Down Jacket Definition

Committed to the ultimate details, the astonishing blend of chic and functional elements, and affordable fashion solutions.

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