A Contemporary 6S Plant since 1999

With a modern manufacturing and warehousing center headquartered in Qinghai, China, we are producing millions of down garments of exceptional craftsmanship​ each year. Covering an area of over 350,000 m², we have made full use of these land resources, and our facilities are being constantly improved to ensure more systematic management and better output of reliable products. Explore our factory, see how your business will benefit from our comprehensive, efficient, and well-organized production system.

Factory Certifications

  • Down-Jacket-ISO9001
  • Down-Jacket-ISO9001-2
  • Down-Jacket-ISO14001-1
  • Down-Jacket-ISO14001-2
  • Down-Jacket-OHSAS18001
  • Down-Jacket-ISO18001
  • Down-Jacket-BV
  • Down-Jacket-SGS

Factory Scale in Numbers

Like a garden, like a home.

  • 350,000m2

    In-House Modern Plant

  • 12

    Advanced Production Lines

  • 2,000,000

    Stable Yearly Productivity

  • 2400

    Specialized Employees

Principle Production Processes

As a dependable down jacket factory, we keep everything in-house for stable availability, quality​, and delivery.

  • Tailoring
  • Sewing
  • After-Finishing


  • • Fabric Spreading: Consistent fabrics, no scratches, pinholes, color differences, correct front and back.
  • • Electric Scissoring: Reasonable layer quantity, precise cutting with suitable speed, no oil leakage, no exposed notch, stable layer glue.
  • • Numbering: No number exposure, serial number, no skipped or missing number.
  • • Package Dividing: Divide and label each package correctly according to each working station.
  • • Embroidery or Printing: Accurate colors in accordance with craftsmanship requirements.


  • • Products Dividing: Accurate material distribution to each worker.
  • • Sewing: Liner sewing with 14-15 stitches each 3 cm long.
  • • Down Filling: Accurate filling position between liners with precise grams and no impurities.
  • • Seaming: Threads with same tightness, correct pocket opening and position, even pocket flap. No contrast color thread exposure.
  • • Fur collar: Correct positioning of keyholes, buckles.
  • • Labeling: Accurate collar, arm, and washing labels.
  • • Ironing: Flat ironing at 120 to 160 degrees.


  • • Buckling: Tightly buckle up four-in-one button of standardized mold.
  • • Ironing: Semi-finished and finished products smooth ironing.
  • • Tagging: Hang up correct certificate and other tags according to requirements.
  • • Packing: Flatly fold the garment and pack it in a standard bag with correct matched item number.
  • • Cartonning: Pack in right quantities, cartons with correct labels and symmetrical straps.

Leading-Edge Production Facilities around the World

  • Down-Jacket-Automatic-Cutting-Machine

    Automatic Cutting Machine

  • Down-Jacket--Automatic-Filling-Machine

    Automatic Filling Machine

  • Down-Jacket-Microcomputer-Sewing-Machine

    Microcomputer Sewing Machine

  • Down-Jacket-Cloth-Inspecting-Machine

    Cloth Inspecting Machine

Large-Scale Plants and Warehouses

The magical places where superior down clothing is being created and stored for your market, and where we support your customization and warehousing​ needs.

  • Down-Jacket-Fabric-and-Accessory-Inspection-Workshop

    Fabric and Accessory Inspection Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-Qualified-Material-Storage-Workshop

    Qualified Material Storage Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-Tailoring-Workshop

    Tailoring Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-Sewing-Workshop

    Sewing Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-After-finishing-Workshop

    After-finishing Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-Finished-Product-Inspection-Workshop

    Finished Product Inspection Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-Qualified-Finished-Product-Workshop

    Qualified Finished Product Workshop

  • Down-Jacket-Material-Warehouse

    Material Warehouse

  • Down-Jacket-Finished-Down-Garment-Warehouse

    Finished Down Garment Warehouse

Modern Office Space

The business area where we work professionally and enthusiastically.

  • Down-Jacket-Factory-International-Business-Department

    International Business Department

  • P05 3 S08 Design Department

    Design Department

  • Down-Jacket-Multifunctional-Meeting-Room-1

    Multifunctional Meeting Room 1

  • Down-Jacket-Factory-Multifunctional-Meeting-Room-2

    Multifunctional Meeting Room 2

Pleasing Rest Area

The relax zones where we can have a good rest and get ourselves fully charged for our next passionate work.

  • Down-Jacket-Factory-Green-Passage

    Green Passage

  • Down-Jacket-Factory-Activity-Area

    Activity Area

  • Down-Jacket-Factory-Dining-Area

    Dining Area

  • Down-Jacket-Living-Area

    Living Area

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