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  • AAAATA19329 1 Mens Sports Basic Hoodie Waterproof Lightweight Short Down Jacket 2
  • AAAATA19329 1 Mens Sports Basic Hoodie Waterproof Lightweight Short Down Jacket 3
  • AAAATA19329 1 Mens Sports Basic Hoodie Waterproof Lightweight Short Down Jacket 4
  • AAAATA19329 1 Mens Sports Basic Hoodie Waterproof Lightweight Short Down Jacket 5

Men's Sports Basic Hoodie Waterproof Lightweight Short Down Jacket

Item No.: TA19329


1. Sports Basic Series.
2. Men’s Hoodie Short-Style Lightweight Down Jacket.
3. Cozy Pattern to provide ideal comfort.
4. Down-proof Craft to ensure unparalleled quality and long lifespan.
5. Contrast Color for outstanding presence in winter.
6. Dynamic Quilting with vivid elements and extreme details.
7. Waterproof Feature allows for protection in most moisture circumstances like in a drizzle.


We remain your strong support for your characterized branding design and customization on the fabric and lining materials, colors, shapes, size, logo, functional properties, craftsmanship, packaging, and more. Add in your interested style and remark your specific requirements to your inquiry cart.

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Here are our regular colors for your options. Apart from that, we can have you fully covered on any custom colors. You are mostly welcome to send your pantone number or fabric samples for effective bespoke manufacturing.

Following is our standard size chart carefully designed for this style. Yet we are also committed to your individual size customization.

Men’s Down Jackets
StandardSize Specification
Down WeightFill PowerDown RatioFabricLining MaterialFur CollarGross Weight/Piece (KG)
165:96g 170:100g
600+90% Duck Down100% Nylon100% NylonNo0.6

Each design is a marvelous combination of the vogue and practicality. In addition to that, the extreme detail control has also formed our distinguishing benefits. No detail is too small or will be neglected. Down to each stitch and hole, we will design on the base of our individual philosophy of meticulous detail care. Learn more about Tanboer's design insights and capabilities in our Design​ page.

For This Design:

Active and Energetic
To reflect the sports vitality, we utilize the technological 3D stereo cutting which is absolutely inclusive. Besides, the multi-color zipper and edging with bright hues will perfectly show the wearer\’s vigorous and dynamic enthusiasm.

High-End Texture
We use novel Crisscross pattern fabric that is soft and comfortable with delicate touch and fine yarn-dyed lane. And this special fabric has gone through the anti-splash treatment to make sure the qualified water repellency.
What\’s more, combining with the digital CAD down-feather mesh filling of full automation and scientific down-proof technology, our craftsmanship is highlighting our quality of focus and leaving the wearer exquisite wearing experience.

Quality is our commitment and core manufacturing principle. Therefore, you can rest assured with our down jackets. However, No matter how good our quality is, it needs proper maintenance to keep that quality last for a long time. Share this maintenance knowledge to your customers, allowing them to get a solid and high return on investment, which will naturally increase your sales.

Product Care Tips:

  • 1. Remove the detachable accessories before washing. Add some neutral detergent or special detergent for down clothing into warm water of about 30 °C. Thoroughly soak the down jacket in the mixed water for 5 minutes.
  • 2. Squeeze out the air inside the down jacket and gently wash it by hand.
  • 3. Rinse it in clean water several times until it is completely clean and free of detergent.
  • 4. After washing, turn the inside out and dry it naturally, then pat it to the fluffy state to restore the warmth effect.
  • 5. It is recommended to store the down jacket in a hanging dust bag. Do not store it in a vacuum bag (because the warmth effect of the down jacket will be affected).
  • 6. Do not dry it in the washing machine, do not wring it out, do not dry clean it.

Tanboer is highly committed to the responsible sourcing of all of our down and the welfare of bird animals. We are a crulty-free down jacket manufacturer and most significantly a responsible down jacket brand that is well certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This RDS certification has guaranteed that our down does not come from birds that have been force-fed, live-plucked, or molt-harvested. Our down source is traceable from farm to the finished down clothing.

Learn more about our practice for animal welfare and our down material quality standard by Responsible Down​.

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