Experienced and Specialized Craftsmen

Tanboer has more than 2000 craftsmen in our down jacket manufacturing center. Those with less than 5 years of experience are defined as “new hands”, while most of them have up to 30 years of hands-on knowledge.

In addition to having profound knowledge of the down clothing technologies and accumulating decades of handcraft know-how, together with being highly responsible and aware of the significance of their profession, our craftsmen are also widely known as sincere and honest workers.

Modern Aided Manufacturing Technologies

Advanced production technologies are also needed for efficient down jacket manufacturing. In our state-of-the-art down coat factory, there are a great variety of automatic machines, such as the automatic down filling equipment, which assist us in our work.

For example, after picking out disqualified down manually, the down filling machine will automatically fill in the down of precise weight and filter impurities. By combining automatic processes with manual adjustment, we thoroughly ensure the weight tolerance, quality, and efficiency of the down filling.

Unparalleled Detail Control in Craftwork

The acme details contribute to the first-class crafts, the incomparable quality​, and profound brand influence. Yet we aim at higher levels, our research progresses​ keep optimizing extreme details with no limit.

  • #8 Down-proof Needle

    The finest quilting needles that are heat and wear resistant to avoid fabric hole melting and down getting out. Plus, we ensure needle changes twice per day.

    #8 Down-proof Needle

  • Mercerized Down-proof Thread

    The glossy down-proof thread with expansion features to lock up the holes, and with smooth, inelastic, strong tensile force, and stable tinting characteristics.

    Mercerized Down-proof Thread

  • Quilted Stitch of 14 per 3cm

    Skilled adaptive wiring on different fabrics, smooth with no break stitch. Over 13-14 visible and blind quilted stitches per 3cm to minimize down loss.

    Quilted Stitch of 14 per 3cm

  • Just-right Buckle Inserting

    Ensure the spacing between the button/buckle and clothing is less than 0.1 cm. Precise button molding and adjustment assure just-right tightness of buckles.

    Just-right Buckle Inserting

  • Masterly Front Placket Process

    Diverse fabric thickness needs different methods of processing; in case of a thin material, a cotton pad and constant sewing are required for the even front fly.

    Masterly Front Placket Process

  • Multiple Careful Ironing

    A down jacket needs multiple ironing processes performed on the cut pieces and the places where there are stitches to ensure everything is flat and fluffy.

    Multiple Careful Ironing

  • Multilayer Sewing

    Sewing is very important in down jacket craftsmanship. One mistake can scrap the fabric. We need to ensure those 2-4 layers are flatly sewed with intact finish.

    Multilayer Sewing

  • Process Improvement

    Whether it’s a tiny stich or the complete model design, we constantly adjust and refine details to produce more scientific, ergonomic and better-looking clothing.

    Process Improvement

Every Achievement Through Workmanship

Design​ is certainly important, yet the ultimate craftsmanship will enhance the design value. The detail reflects quality, which is a huge plus for a brand image.

  • Adding Value to Design

    If a design is the soul of the front line, then craftsmanship is the warrior behind the scenes. That meticulous and exquisite craftwork will complement the design and enhance the design value.

  • Maximizing Quality Depth

    Delicate workmanship enables the perfect quality that is long-lasting and unfailing. Moreover, fine details enhance our quality identity and give customers an impression on how high the quality can go.

  • Empowering Brand Reputation

    Fine craft details can reflect a brand's development pattern, its pursuits, responsibility, and orientation. On the contrary, rough crafts can ruin everything. We shall take good use of this power.

The New Reliable Down Jacket Definition

Committed to the ultimate details, the astonishing blend of chic and functional elements, and affordable fashion solutions.

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