It was a public bidding project through the country issued by Huadian Power International, a famous power generating company. Proudly to be the reputable down jacket manufacturing enterprise in north China, Tanboer certainly has the capability to undertake such a winter clothing project subject to tender.


• Labor insurance winter coats with extremely high anti-static and other protective features.

• Comparably high specifications of materials and craftsmanship of extreme details.

• Mid-length business suits with various dark colors asking for stable colorfastness.

• 1550 sets of working suits requiring the same quality standards.


• High-performance fabrics were used to ensure strong anti-static properties and protection against demanding working conditions.

• Finely coated polyester and well-selected combed cotton were combined by masterful workmanship to accomplish delicate winter work suits.

• Precise colors were dyed according to requirements. From black, blue, grey, to brown, all hues on the winter suits were stable to stand against sunlight, chemicals, or other harsh elements for a long time.

• The efficient lead time within 45 days strictly complying with the contract.

Result & Feedback

• Huadian was very satisfied with the high quality and performance of the finished clothing.

• By using the silk floss filled working suits for a certain period, there were no security issues of static electricity caused by clothing.

• It was a pleasant and beneficial cooperation for both sides, which had laid the foundation for a long-term partnership.

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