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Tanboer is a reliable down clothing brand with decades of history, broadly recognized and trusted by various industries including the airline, petrochemical, healthcare, and electricity generation industry, and is also admired by tremendous consumers in China for its delicate quality and high performance. See how we define Our Brand>>.

And Tanboer is also a China-based down jacket factory that nurtures true craftsmanship and is deeply involved with the industry’s ins and outs. Well certified by ISO9001, 14001, 18001, BSCI, SGS, and RDS, we've been supplying products stably to North America, Europe, and East Asia. Learn more about Our Factory>>.

the beautiful front door of Tanboer's office building

Our Story

In the 1980s, before Tanboer was born, our founder Mr. Wang was a clothing fabric wholesaler in north China. At that time, he had mastered a large number of quality fabric resources. Until the 1990s, Mr. Wang discovered that the down clothing was very important for people's welfare yet too expensive.

With the intention of delivering tangible benefits and warmth to common people, Tanboer was established. Since then, we have formed our brand orientation very clearly—we create and run a quality-oriented, cost-effective down jacket brand that stands the test of time and keeps expanding all around the world.



At Tanboer, every one of us is a tangible and bold explorer aiming to make best-in-class yet affordable down coats. We want to share our vision and mission as a responsible and insightful down jacket manufacturer:

  • In-depth R&D leads us to the right place.

    We take exhaustive researches of new technologies so as to take control of our choices-we choose to gain more well-deserved market shares through really responsible and consumer-beneficial technics.

  • Internationalization takes us further and deeper.

    We have certainly achieved great success in China. And going out to foreign markets means going full circle and making us a better manufacturer and brand. Exposing "Tanboer" to the globe is enabling us to get more thorough and deeper optimization of our business.

  • Branding brings more added value to everyone.

    Since Tanboer was born, we have had a crystal-clear positioning of the brand—offering the best affordable high quality that will bring tangible value to customers. That remains our core mission. And to build an even more reliable international down apparel brand is our commitment to bring even more added value to our partners.

The Sources of Our Character

Where we are from and where we are going to is guided by our source of value, the origin of our brand quality.

  • s05

    Responsible Down, the Base

    The down feather from waterfowl, the basic and vital material that creates an authentic down puffer jacket, the quality of which is defining the base and tone of a responsible brand—we take it seriously.

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  • an experienced inspector checking the quality of a down jacket

    Reliable Quality, the Spirit

    It is certainly not a platitude when it comes to authenticity. At Tanboer, the quality focus is truly rooted in all aspects and has become the guiding spirit of our design and workmanship.

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  • the garden style factory environment of Tanboer's down jacket factory

    Sustainability, the Future

    What enables a business to achieve and maintain on-going development? The answer is the foresight of sustainability. We should all be well prepared and liable for the society and our future.

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Dedicated Team - Integrity • Focus • Fineness • Teamwork

Integrity—the original responsibility and reliability encoded in our gene, our quality of being honest and morally upright. Concentration—our sole focus on doing one thing really well, which is the down jacket manufacturing with utmost professionalism. Fineness—our will to pursue craftsmanship perfection, meticulous commitment to our customers. Teamwork—the valuable engine that enhances our efficiency and excellence, and makes everything possible. All of these values compose the character and force of our 2,000+ team players who are dedicated to the consistent progress and prosperity of workmates, partners, clients, and everyone around them.


Enthusiastic Team Building Through the Years

As a dynamic and cohesive group, we work hard and play hard. Our team spirit runs through all aspects so that we always maintain our full passion for life and work.

  • 2009’s-Ten-Year-Customer-Relationship-Marketing-Summit-Forum

    "2009’s Ten-Year Customer Relationship Marketing Summit Forum"

    Showing gratitude to our customers for their ten years of trust and support.

  • Tanboer-2010s-Passion-Tour

    "Tanboer 2010's Passion Tour"

    It’s also held as the Development Forum, and Green Autumn/Winter Trends Fashion Launch Event. Communicating and launching the yearly new arrivals.

  • Celebrating-the-Youth22-and-22Advocating-the-New22-2016-and-Riding-Journey

    "Celebrating the Youth and Advocating the New 2016 & Riding Journey"

    To help our employees to understand themselves, exercise themselves, present themselves, and affirm themselves in a heathier and better way.

  • Follow-the-Footprint-and-Discover-the-Landscape-Activity

    "Follow the Footprint and Discover the Landscape Activity"

    To build a positive corporate culture, guide our employees to form common values, enhance corporate cohesion, and stimulate employees’ enthusiasm for work.

  • Tanboer-2015-A-Thousand-Mile-Leap-forward-to-the-Mountain-Event

    "Tanboer 2015 A-Thousand-Mile Leap forward to the Mountain Event"

    The marketing expansion activities, involving Tanboer’s marketing team of nearly 300 people. We held an expansion training, marketing conferences, tourism visits and more in the famous mountain.

  • Tanboer-Group-Expansion-Training

    "Group Expansion Training"

    To bring great fun, confidence, courage and positive conception to all participants through this broadly participatory and encouraging activity.

The New Reliable Down Jacket Definition

Committed to the ultimate details, the astonishing blend of chic and functional elements, and affordable fashion solutions.

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